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Deploy a Web Server Using Python and IBM Code Engine

In this guided project, you'll learn how to take any project you've built, containerize it, and easily deploy it to a Code Engine server.



IntermediateGuided Project


  • English


  • Containers

Skills You Will Learn

  • Python


  • IBM

Estimated Effort

  • 1 hour
About This Guided Project

Learn by Doing

A guided project is a hands-on tutorial designed to help you learn a particular technology by doing a real project. It includes step-by-step instructions with explanations, examples and exercises that can be followed and practiced in a lab environment.

Hands-on skills are highly sought out by employers when determining job readiness. 

Guided projects are interactive, on-demand and will equip you with practical abilities that can be applied on the job!

A Look at the Project Ahead

Once you have completed this project, you'll be able to:
  • Create lightweight, standardized apps using Docker containers
  • Use the IBM Cloud command-line interface
  • Upload your containers to IBM Cloud Container Registry
  • Deploy your containers on IBM Code Engine

What You’ll Need 

To do this project, you will need the following:

Your Instructor

Arnav Shah, IBM