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Data Science in Agriculture. Land use classification

In this lab, we will learn the basic methods of images transformation classification.



AdvancedGuided Project


  • English


  • Data Science


  • IBM

Estimated Effort

  • 1 hour
About This Guided Project


 In this laboratory, we will explore how land use types can be classified based on aerial and satellite photographs of the earth's surface. We will learn to build our own photo masks based on ready-made masks and display them on the screen, we will learn how to upload photos, transform pixels and colors into a data set. Then we will learn how to build a classifier and predict land use masks based on it.

In this lab, we will learn the basic methods of images transformation classification. The laboratory consists of four stages:
  • Download and visualization of images
  • DataSet creation
  • Classification model creation
  • Create your own mask of land use

After completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • Download and transform images.
  • Create a DataSet of the colors of images.
  • Build a classification model.
  • Build land use masks based on a classifier.

Grace BarkerAuthor
Rav AhujaAuthor
Bogdan NorkinAuthor
Alex AlekseevAuthor
Taras RybalchenkoAuthor
Yan LuoAuthor
Yan Luo
Yaroslav VyklyukAuthor
Research Interests: Data Science, Applied System Analysis, Mathematical Modeling and Decision Making of Complex Dynamic Systems (socio-economic, geographical, tourist and crisis systems) using by Artificial Intelligence Technology, DataMining, Big Data, Parallel Calculations, Statistics, Econometrics, Econophysics and other Advanced Mathematical Methods with implementation into information, WEB and geographic information systems
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