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Getting Started with Node.js

Have you heard of Node.js before? Node.js is one of the most popular technology to create server-side apps. Why? Because if you know JavaScript, you build both the frontend and the backend using JavaScript. Take this Guided Project to get started on Node.js.



BeginnerGuided Project


  • English


  • Javascript


  • IBM

Estimated Effort

  • 30 minutes
About This Guided Project

A Look at the Project Ahead:

  1. Run a simple Node.js app on your localhost. 
  2. Learn what is NPM.
  3. Add some styling to your app using HTML and CSS.


  • Any kind of experience with JavaScript language. 

What you will need:

  • You will just need a computer to take do this Project on. Everything else is provided to you via the IBM Skill
    s Network Labs environment.
  • Your willingness to learn. (Most important thing)

Your Instructor

Jason Song, IBM
Jason SongAuthor
I'm a 4th Year Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia. Currently, I'm an intern at IBM.