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Build Your Movie Recommender with Django

Choosing a good movie to watch on a weekend evening is always hard. It would be great if there is a handy movie recommender to help you make a good decision. In this project, you will be building a personal movie recommender using the popular Django web framework.



BeginnerGuided Project


  • English


  • Cloud Development


  • IBM

Estimated Effort

  • 90 Mins
About This Guided Project
You will be using the Django web framework to build a full-stack movie recommender app.  In this app, you can save your movie watch history, and review the recommended movies from more than 40,000 movies. The recommendation algorithm included in this project is very simple but effective so you do not even need any prior Machine Learning knowledge to understand and complete this project.

Learn by Doing

A guided project is a hands-on tutorial designed to help you learn a particular technology by doing a real project. It includes step-by-step instructions with explanations, examples, and exercises that can be followed and practiced in a lab environment.
Hands-on skills are highly sought out by employers when determining job readiness. Guided projects are interactive, on-demand and will equip you with practical abilities that can be applied on the job!

A Look at the Project Ahead

After completing this project, you will be able to
-  Describe the key components of the Django web framework 
-  Describe the basic principles of a recommendation system 
-  Build a simple but effective personal movie recommender with Django

What You’ll Need   

Firstly, you just need a web browser!  Regarding prior skills,  you will also need basic Python programming knowledge to write the backend and some basic HTML/CSS knowledge to create the frontend. For the recommendation algorithm part, you only need to have a basic understanding of the Set data structure

Everything else is provided to you via the IBM Skills Network Labs environment, where you will have access to the Cloud IDE and Python runtimes that we offer as part of the IBM Skills Network Labs environment. 

This platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Your Instructors

Yan Luo, IBM

Yan LuoAuthor
Yan Luo