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OpenShift Tekton Pipelines for CI-CD

IntermediateGuided Project

Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines, based on Tekton open source project, is the next generation of technology for Continous Integration/Continous Deployment (CI/CD). Learn how to create and run OpenShift Pipelines to enable your very own CI/CD process.

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  • DevOps, Kubernetes, SRE

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  • IBM

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  • 1 hour


  • SkillsNetwork

Last Update

  • June 20, 2024
About This Guided Project
OpenShift Pipelines is a cloud-native, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution for building pipelines using [Tekton]( Tekton is a flexible, Kubernetes-native, open-source CI/CD framework that enables automating deployments across multiple platforms (Kubernetes, serverless, VMs, etc) by abstracting away the underlying details.

OpenShift Pipelines features:
* Standard CI/CD pipeline definition based on Tekton
* Build images with Kubernetes tools such as S2I, Buildah, Buildpacks, Kaniko, etc
* Deploy applications to multiple platforms such as Kubernetes, serverless and VMs
* Easy to extend and integrate with existing tools
* Scale pipelines on-demand
* Portable across any Kubernetes platform
* Designed for microservices and decentralized teams
* Integrated with the OpenShift Developer Console

This project walks you through pipeline concepts and how to create and run a simple pipeline for building and deploying a containerized app on OpenShift, and in this project, we will use `Triggers` to handle a real GitHub webhook request to kickoff a PipelineRun.

In this project you will:
* Learn about Tekton concepts
* Deploy a Sample Application
* Install Tasks
* Create a Pipeline
* Trigger a Pipeline

#### Acknowledgment
This project is based on the excellent tutorial produced by the OpenShift community.


Winson Yuan

Software Developer

I'm currently a 4th year Computer Science student specializing in the Software Engineering Stream at the University of Toronto. I have various experiences working with Full-Stack development and DevOps deployments that include frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, React, Express.js, Kubernetes, OpenShift and much more. I also enjoy taking on new challenges and learning the next upcoming technologies!

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Leon Katsnelson

Director & CTO, IBM Developer Skills Network

I've had a very productive career in tech. I've touched many areas from mainframe, to manufacturing automation (IoT), to databases, big data, data science and AI, blockchain, and of course full stack and cloud-native development and DevOps. I started my career in test and QA, did quite a bit of development, product management, team leadership, and people management before becoming an executive. I had some great wins including bringing to market a billion $ product. And had some failures along the way. But throughout my career, one thing has always remained constant. I learned everything I could and used every chance I had to get a new skill. My goal in life is to help those who have an appetite for learning to acquire knowledge and skill to build their career or simply become better users of the latest tech.

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